2017 Artist-in-residence at the De Young Museum, San Francisco, California


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Poetics of Phenomenon
Carrie Iverson & Jeremy Scidmore
June 20 – July 1, 2016
REGISTER: Pilchuck Glass School

Working with a variety of experimental processes, students will explore the practical and conceptual possibilities of altering, reusing, and layering imagery. Through structured research, the class will focus on observing the phenomenology of materials as a means to develop new work. Processes include fusing, slumping, lithographic transfers on glass and paper, screen-printing with glass, and manipulating glass powder in assorted mediums for painterly effects. Field research will provide inspiration while daily assignments and discussions will build on and refine previous skills.

Print as Process: Monotype
Carrie Iverson
August 14 – 20, 2016
REGISTER: OxBow School of Art

This course will present a variety of oil and water-based monotype techniques, including chine colle, multiple plate printing, image transfers, and over-printing. We will also discuss proper paper choice for each process, printing on alternate substrates (cloth, wood, glass, metal), and the incorporation of ink modifiers and unconventional tools to develop new means of mark making. In addition to pursuing individualized experiments, we will also look at examples of contemporary artists’ use of the medium for reference and inspiration.


Images in Kiln Glass
Incorporate images into glass! You will learn a variety of printmaking processes to incorporate imagery into kiln formed glass, as well as strategies for how to combine multiple techniques. Using photographs, drawings, and text, you will create components to combine into layered projects. Processes include: lithographic image transfers, screenprinting with glass powder, and chine colle (collage). The class will also cover the basics of fusing, color reactions in glass, color and composition, and the proper firing and annealing procedures for each process. No printmaking or glass experience necessary.

Image Transfers for Kiln Glass
Explore this printmaking method, developed by artist Carrie Iverson for transferring images onto glass. The technique uses principles from lithography and results in prints composed of fine glass powder fired onto glass sheet. This versatile method can be adapted to a variety of materials and requires minimal space and equipment (perfect for the home studio!). Over the three-day class you will create a variety of samples exploring the potentials of the process, including using reactive glasses to widen your color palette. No prerequisites.

Screenprinting with Glass
We will cover the unique aspects of printing on glass with powdered glass (texture, depth, and color interactions) as well as the basics of glass as a material. The class will also cover a range of methods of image creation (both darkroom and non-darkroom based) as well as how to properly choose, prepare, and clean screens. No prerequisites.