Portland Building Lobby
1120 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
August 17 – September 11, 2009

Undercurrent was selected as part of Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council’s installation art series.

“The Installation Art Series features interactive and experimental media installations in a small space in the Portland Building’s lobby. Each installation is a month long and is selected through a juried process. The program presents challenging and diverse works that encourage the general public to re-examine its expectations and definitions of art through dialogue about the role of art in public spaces.”



Original exhibition proposal

I am interested in the clinical and neutral aspect of office buildings, in how so much of the structures within (both literally and figuratively) are obscured.

Through photography and scavenging I will focus on the inner life of the Portland Building- the surveillance systems, electrical systems, trash, lost and found objects- and use those as source material to print on glass.

Illuminating some of these images from behind evokes the light of computer screens and security cameras, reflecting two other systems in the building. Incorporating a mirror jolts the viewer into seeing themselves seeing the piece, and also suggests another form of security or observation.

On a parallel track, I am also currently fascinated by dust, how it is a residue of our bodies that we constantly seek to remove. That line between when something is a part of us and when it gets discarded.

By focusing on what is hidden and removed, I hope to create an environment of vulnerability and fragility, to document the undercurrents of a shared public space.