My current focus is creating site-specific installations that are developed through careful research and community engagement; I am particularly interested in involving the public in an interactive way that unfolds in tandem with the creation of my work.

I would describe my artistic practice as simultaneously rigorous and flexible; I will research and document a topic that interests me and then use that material as a generative source to create my site specific installations in a spontaneous and reactive way. I often develop my work to change depending on how it is viewed – sometimes this is as subtle as surface engraving that appears and disappears depending on the light. By adding this level of interaction, I hope to draw attention to how there is rarely one fixed visual experience but instead a series of encounters that shift depending on perspective.

In our current political environment it has become increasingly important to me to actively involve the community where my work is made as a means to be socially responsible and to encourage creative reciprocity. I believe my role as an artist is to find meaningful ways to combine my interest in political activism with my studio practice, to address issues of the reliability of evidence and information from these two parallel tracks.